Welcome, Friend.


I hope it’s not too soon to call you “friend.” I’m just so stinking excited that you’re here.

Today marks the launch of my newly redesigned blog! (Ta-DAH!) I’m psyched (and only mildly sweaty) about sharing it with you. But first…

Let me give you a little backstory.

I’ve been writing in some capacity all my life. Not long ago, I found my first-grade journal. On those pages, I waxed eloquently about my annoying younger brother, the harm of doing drugs, and how Andrew Morris (a blond, dimpled, much-older third grader) was my future. (He was not.) Along with this journal I pulled out several “self-published” stories from elementary school as well as a few angsty teenage poems. (They were awful.)

My first response to processing life and faith has always been writing.

But it wasn’t until 2011 that I brought my words into a more public space. I started my first blog Little Feet, Big Footprints as a response to the news that our second son Carter had never developed kidneys. Still 27 weeks pregnant with Carter, I needed one central place to disseminate information to friends and family and to chronicle the ways I saw God showing up. I continued Little Feet, Big Footprints for a year after Carter passed away, until I felt like I needed to move forward. The grief didn’t go away, but it was time not to let it consume me or my writing.

So I changed the name and direction of the blog. Two years later, I changed it again.

Maybe I was still trying to figure out who I was. Maybe I was trying to be someone else. But I think the truth was that God was still working some stuff out in my heart. I knew I wanted to pursue a writing career, but my focus felt off; something wasn’t right.

The year 2018 became my year of soul-searching. I began to pay attention attention. Slowly. Cautiously. Over the course of several months, I began to see a few specific themes spill into my writing—the stuff God had been writing into my heart, especially over the last eight years:

God is good. All the time.

Joy is not found in the absence of hardship, but in looking for God right where you are.

He is more than enough. No matter what.

Even reading them now, I feel an urgency. I know these truths so deeply in my bones that I want to climb a mountain and just start shouting. But since mountains are hard to come by in Indiana, my writing will have to do—and that’s what brings us here.

What you can expect from the blog…

I don’t position myself to be an expert on knowing what God’s doing behind the scenes—especially in your life. But I want to be a voice constantly calling us to pay attention, to look for how God is moving. To expect redemption. To cling to His promises that He is who He says He is. To remind us that He is enough—in all things.

I’m speaking to me as much as anyone else. Because if I’m not constantly looking—in all the nooks and crannies—I miss it. I miss how God shows up in my everyday. But I want to see Him. And I hope you will join me in the search.

My goal is to post a blog weekly and stay connected through social media (Instagram and Facebook) on a more daily basis. (Pssssssttt . . . I’m doing some giveaways this month on Instagram, so don’t miss out!) You can also dig in a bit deeper with me by signing up for my monthly newsletter The Shelf (sent right to your inbox).

That’s where we’re headed, friend! The journey is bound to be bumpy. I’m going to say something stupid at some point. But I hope you’ll bear with me—in pursuit of a gracious God who is more than enough.

Talk to you soon,

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PS: In case you’re wondering, “Who IS this woman?”, hop on over to the About Me page, where I tell a bit more about my story as well as some random personal facts. Because random facts are fun and weird.